7 Tips on How to Host a Married Couples Retreat

Posted on March 25, 2019 by America's Keswick in Retreat Planning

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A couples retreat may just be the best event your organization hosts this year – but where do you start? This guide walks you through each step of hosting a couples retreat so you can plan the right event for your group’s needs.

7 Tips for Hosting a Married Couples Retreat

Hosting a couples retreat requires planning – but once it’s all said and done, you’ll have pulled off an amazingly rewarding event for everyone involved. After all, you want your participants to get more out of it than a simple romantic getaway. Follow these steps to plan and host your organization’s couples retreat:

  1. Get help
  2. Find the right location
  3. Identify your goals
  4. Plan a theme
  5. Find the right speakers and assign them topics
  6. Invite your guests and promote the event
  7. Stick to the plan, but remain flexible

1. Get Help

Don’t dive into couples retreat planning on your own – enlist the help you need from your congregation (yes, you can even reach out to our team as well!). Ask for volunteers and put them to work! Pitching in to plan is a great way for people who won’t attend the retreat to contribute to your congregation’s overall health, too.

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2. Find the Right Location

The right location for a couples retreat has all the amenities you need, such as nice lodging, meeting rooms, recreational opportunities, and outdoor activities. Ideally, the location will be both peaceful and exciting – and it’ll be distraction-free so couples can reinforce their bonds.

Call or email the retreat center for availability so you can set the date for your retreat at this time, too.

3. Identify Your Goals

Your goals for the retreat will help you plan the entire event. Because it’s a couples retreat, your goals, speakers and activities will focus on:

  • Couples achieving more marital closeness
  • Spreading the faith
  • Equipping participants with the tools they need for continued marital success
  • Connecting the Bible and marriage, as well as illustrating how it applies to everyday life


4. Plan a Theme

Based on your goals, which are probably more specific than those listed here, you can build your retreat around a theme. Some common themes for marriage retreats include:

  • Resolving conflict – Consider speakers who specialize in this topic, or research activities for couples that improve conflict resolution processes.
  • Communication – Devise ways to help your couples improve sharing feelings, from big emotions to daily life matters.
  • Romance – Think of events and activities built around romantic weekend getaways.
  • Understanding your partner – Come up with activities that promote understanding.
  • Balancing work and family – This one can be illustrated with physical activities (think balancing or multitasking) or through reflection sessions.
  • Raising children biblically – consider which speakers would be best for raising children biblically, including your own pastor your church leader.

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5. Find the Right Speakers and Assign Them Topics

Perhaps you already know who should speak at your marriage retreat – but if you don’t, be on the lookout for someone who’s exceptionally qualified to address your guests. It could be your pastor, a Christian psychologist in your congregation, or even a series of couples who volunteer to share their own stories related to your theme.

Married couple retreat keynote speakers

Pro tip: Create backup plans for all your events, just in case!

6. Invite Your Guests and Promote the Event

Inviting your guests is about more than simply announcing the event and saying, “Hope to see you there.” Instead, you can create excitement about the retreat by creating a vision about what couples will experience there. Outline the theme and what types of events you have planned, describe who will be speaking there, and explain your goals for the retreat when you invite your guests.

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7. Stick to the Plan

When your guests have been invited and the wheels are in motion, stick to your plan – and if something pops up, stay flexible. For example, if one of your key speakers has an emergency and can’t attend, turn to your backup plan.

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