Our Foundation

1. The Word of God – This is the foundation of everything we do at America’s Keswick. We are committed to the practical, expository teaching of God’s Word in our conference and addiction ministries.

2. Prayer – Prayer must undergird every phase of this ministry. We will strengthen and increase our circle of prayer partners, our regional prayer teams, and continue to provide prayer warriors for each conference.

3. Biblical Christian Living – The core message of America’s Keswick (Victorious Christian Life) is for an individual to personally trust Christ as Savior, embrace what it means to live a life of sustained fellowship with God, live a life of obedience and holiness, experience victory over sin, and use their gifts for His glory.

Our Purpose and Mission

4. Addiction Recovery Ministry – The heart of the Keswick ministry is our addiction ministries. The conference ministry provides us the vehicle to raise the visibility of the addiction recovery ministries and tell the story of how God transforms lives.

5. Multi-generational, cross-cultural Christian ministry and hospitality – Our events are designed to be multi-generational and cross-cultural, where biblical teaching and worship lead to deeper relationships with Jesus Christ and transformed lives. Our retreats provide our guests the opportunity to utilize our facilities to promote spiritual growth and life transformation.

6. Outreach – Unlike many Christian conference centers, Keswick has been strategically placed in a large, active community. We must plan programs designed to evangelistically reach the people in the community and surrounding areas. We are committed to reaching not only the community surrounding America’s Keswick through our events, but reaching beyond our borders to educate churches and other organizations about the ministry of addiction recovery. This includes off-site events as well as the use of all facets of social media.

7. Partner Care – We are committed to nurturing and caring for our partners, providing donor confidence, and providing an atmosphere of donor trust through accountability and transparency.

Our Commitment

8. Integrity – We are committed to integrity in all areas: mission, purpose, program, facility, operations and finance.

9. Trustworthy Stewardship – We are committed to being good stewards of the resources that the Lord has entrusted to us. We are committed to maintaining donor confidence.

10. Excellence – As stated in our Mission Statement, we are committed to excellence in everything we do.

Revised March 13, 2015, | Amended March 11, 2016