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We often associate the Easter holiday with dying eggs & the Easter bunny. Have you stopped to think why we have Easter in the first place?


For a believer, Easter is one of the most important events that we celebrate. It is THE REASON why we are able to have a direct relationship with God Himself. It was the single event in history that made it possible for humans to receive Salvation and one day live eternally with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Easter is a dedicated time for us to contemplate all Jesus went through so that He could save His Father’s creation from certain & eternal death. God had one requirement: to send His only Son, Jesus, down to Earth as a baby (at Christmas) so that He could live a short sinless life, to then be crucified with criminals, and die alone.


What isn’t nearly exaggerated enough is what Jesus had to endure leading up to his death. The night Jesus was arrested and tried, He would be betrayed and denied by two of his closest friends. Can you imagine? Think of two of the closest people in your inner circle today. How would you feel if one of them gave you over to an enemy and the other denied ever knowing you.


To add to His misery, the following day, Jesus would endure, not one but two trials, would be made fun of in the most horrible way, beaten beyond recognition, & crucified next to real criminals. Yet He lived a sinless & spotless life; even the Governor Pilate couldn’t find fault in Him! But he caved to public demands and opinions and sentenced Jesus to death anyway.


Here’s your 2nd thing to think about: have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do? No matter how small or large… that’s how it was for Jesus. He was accused of MULTIPLE things that He wasn’t guilty of.


All of this was His Father’s plan to fulfill what was prophesied in Isaiah 53. But the day came when Jesus overcame death itself and rose again to sit at the right hand of His Father.


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Written by Elizabeth Welte: Elizabeth is currently serving as Keswick’s Marketing Director. She is married to Dr. Bill Welte’s son Zach, who serves in Keswick’s AV Department. She is an advanced violinist; playing for 20+ years. She also rides & jumps horses in her spare time.

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