5 Goals to Focus on When Attending a Married Couples Retreat

Posted on May 18, 2018 by America's Keswick in Retreat Planning

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A marriage retreat is a perfect way to rekindle your love. However, simply showing up without a plan and seeing how things go might not prove as beneficial as you expect.

The best approach is to establish some goals to work toward during your married couples retreat. Put in a little bit of preparatory work when planning your retreat and you will get the most out of your retreat experience.

1. Enjoy the Unique Environment During Your Married Couples Retreat 

Heading off to any old destination for your married couples retreat will not suffice. It is not enough to simply book a room at a nice hotel or take a trip to an exotic location in an attempt to improve your relationship. Opt for a married couples retreat, at a center like America’s Keswick, and you will enjoy life away from the distractions posed by technology, work, home, and childrearing.

You will gain a ton from your married couples retreat if you are willing to unplug, spend quality time with your spouse and enjoy events specifically designed to bolster your bond.

The bottom line is, couples who avoid distractions during their retreat find the experience does make a meaningful difference in their lives in both the short-term and the long-term.

2. This is the Time for Those Tough Conversations

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Write down or memorize exactly what you would like to discuss with your spouse during the married couples retreat.

The best course of action is to open up discussion for a true dialogue. Listen closely to your partner, and be mindful of your own tone and delivery. Take some time to reflect on what he or she says and continue to communicate as the retreat progresses.

One of the most valued parts of our married couples retreats is the provided space for couples to interact without distraction. Our comfortable space allows attendees to comfortably engage in those uncomfortable conversations. Once you broach these topics, you can make headway towards a long-term solution and catalyze the healing process.

If you are concerned about discussing such topics away from home, do not worry! We provide a welcoming, natural setting that will make you and your significant other feel perfectly comfortable.

America’s Keswick is the peaceful and relaxed setting you need to confront difficult conversations without an interference of any sort. You won’t have to worry about taking care of the kids, answering work-related emails, checking your phone or anything else. The focus will be squarely on improving your relationship and communication.

3. Rebuild a Foundation

The purpose of your married couples retreat is to work on your relationship and emerge with takeaways that ultimately strengthen your bond for years to come.

This is your opportunity to reestablish a foundation that proves sturdy when conflicts, disagreements, and drama arise. Such problems are guaranteed to occur in due time, and when they do you’ll be prepared to draw upon your retreat experience.

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4. Experience Personal Growth

Couples retreats are not all about making progress as a family. View the retreat as an opportunity for self-improvement, as well.

Consider how you can grow, become more open, and communicate more honestly, to ultimately enhance the relationship.

Keep in mind change always starts with yourself. If you personally focus on listening, communicating, forgiving, and healing during your married couples retreat, you are sure to experience personal growth that will help your relationship evolve.

5. Strengthen the Relationship

Most importantly, the strongest and must successful bonds are built on understanding and love. Do not give up if you experience problems with your significant other. Open up, be willing to listen and healing will come naturally.

Your couple’s retreat is a time for you and your significant other to enhance your relationship and emerge feeling refreshed. What better place than at America’s Keswick. Schedule or attend a retreat at America’s Keswick and you will have no shortage of quality time and relationship building activities choose from. 

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