8 Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Upcoming Church Retreat

Posted on October 24, 2018 by America's Keswick in Retreat Planning


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Planning a church retreat is exciting – and getting the word out about it so others can enjoy the fruits of your labor is incredibly important. Here are eight ways to get the word out about your upcoming church retreat that will drum up plenty of excitement and maximize attendance.

8 Ways to Get the Word Out About Your Upcoming Church Retreat

As you might expect, the best way to market your church retreat is through word of mouth. People who have enjoyed your past retreats will naturally let others know about it – but what if this is your first retreat, or it’s very different from past retreats? Use these eight clever ideas to spread the word and ensure everyone’s talking about what you have in store.

1. Creative Flyers


Use an online tool or software you already have to whip up creative flyers. The idea: Make them simple, fun and accessible – and include your website address and social media page addresses so people who are interested can get more information.

Leave a stack of flyers on the table in your church’s foyer, mail them to past attendees and hand them to strangers.

This sample flyer was made using Canva.com, which is a free online tool.

2. Create Specific Social Media Pages

Creating an event on Facebook is easy. Use the page to describe the retreat, invite people you know personally and those who already like your church’s page and upload photos of retreat prep to keep people interested right up to the day of the event.

You can get detailed instructions here.

3. Set up an Email Campaign

If you already have email addresses from people who attended your last retreat or who have signed up for church newsletters, use a service such as MailChimp to send out information. Your initial email should contain all the details about the event, including its location, date and times and any associated costs.

Follow-up emails, which you should send out a month, 14 days and 7 days before the event, should include reminders and links to your website and social media pages.

4. Ask “Influencers” for Testimonials

There’s a pretty good chance you know some influencers – people who have large online followings or have a big platform to use. Ask them to pitch in and talk about your upcoming retreat, which can expand your reach exponentially.

5. Sponsor Something

There are several worthy organizations in every community in the U.S., so find one that aligns with your church’s mission and approach them about sponsorship. Kids’ sports teams, after-school programs, and even themed community events are great opportunities to become involved and promote your retreat.

6. Hold a Fundraiser to Benefit the Retreat

Silent auctions, car washes, spa nights, arts and crafts events and even bake sales are great ways to draw attention to your cause. Ask members to pitch in and volunteer to raise money for those who can’t afford the retreat or to make it even more special for everyone attending.

7. Create Signage for Use at Your Church

We’ve all seen big banners advertising retreats, camps and vacation bible school – and you can create your own, too. Whether you have connections to a local printer or you use an affordable sign service you’ve found online, outdoor signage can capture thousands of eyes in a matter of hours.

8. Create Videos and Post Them on YouTube

You’re excited about your retreat, and so are the other people planning it with you… so capture that energy on video and post it to YouTube, your church’s social media sites and the retreat’s Facebook page. Talk about what you’re doing to plan, some of the spectacular activities and why you’re looking forward to the entire church retreat – your enthusiasm will be contagious.

Are You Planning Your Next Church Retreat?

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