About Us

Christian Retreat Center, Addiction Recovery & More

America’s Keswick is a ministry that teaches and models Biblical Christian Living through Addiction Recovery for men and women, Training and Resources, Christian Conferences, Concerts, and Events, and by providing group retreat rental facilities and service to other like-minded organizations.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of America’s Keswick is to model and teach Biblical living in Christ Jesus, to provide an environment in which Biblical life transformation takes place and to foster active personal involvement in the local church.

Mission Statement

America’s Keswick is a ministry where biblical teaching is used to cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through addiction recovery, conferences, retreats, events, and outreach.

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Why We Call It Home

The Welcome Home sign, it’s the first thing you see as you enter the grounds of America’s Keswick… A term of endearment to all who enter. In fact, it is inspired by the verbal comments and notes of encouragement we have and still do receive from guests, Colony residents, friends, and even staff.

There’s just something about this place… When I’m here, I’m home… It’s like a second home to us… We feel right at home here… I feel so at home just taking a nap on one of the couches in the lobby…

I’m home… It doesn’t take long before people discover that what they “feel” is the Spirit of God!

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The History of America’s Keswick Is “HIS”tory

Since 1924, America’s Keswick has been serving the Lord through Bible Conference ministry, and thousands of lives have been changed through the teaching of the Word of God and the Victorious Christian Life.

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About the Colony of Mercy

The Colony of Mercy at America’s Keswick was founded on September 25, 1897, by William Raws, as a spiritual restoration center for men who had become addicted to alcohol. Having been miraculously saved and set free while a dying alcoholic, William gave his life to the purpose of reclaiming men who, like himself, had lost everything through the bondage of drink.


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