How to Convince Your Significant Other to Attend a Couples Retreat

Posted on June 30, 2022 by America's Keswick in Retreat Planning


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The purpose of a couples’ retreat is to improve your most important relationship while having a great time experiencing something new together.

However, convincing a significant other to attend a couples retreat might prove challenging.

After all, not everyone is naturally excited about spending multiple days or a week away from home, family, work, the Internet, Netflix, and everything else that’s familiar.

If talking about feelings, “Love Languages”, relationships, etc. is on the agenda…passion for attending a retreat might be initially low – but that’s ok! Everyone is unique and some of us are slow starters.

Once your significant other understands the potential benefits of a couples retreat, he or she will be that much more likely to hop on board with the idea.

Here are a few ideas to try if you want to enjoy a couples’ retreat with your significant other.

1. Try Out New Things as a Couple 

Happy senior couple holding hands and walking in park during a couples retreat
Communication is key

If you are like most couples, you might have grown tired of the monotony of daily living. Though you care for your significant other, you are likely able to admit that a change of pace might prove beneficial for your relationship.

Perhaps it’s time to ditch the routine and spend some quality time with your other half during a couples retreat and enjoy new experiences. From kayaking to canoeing, hiking glorious nature trails and beyond, couples retreats get couples out of their daily routine and into an exciting getaway.

Changing your environment might be just the thing to bring you two together and get your relationship to new heights.

2. Tackle Those Difficult Subjects During Your Retreat

Every couple has some issues to work out – it’s normal. The question is when and where those issues should be discussed.

Oftentimes, couples neglect their tiffs because they dread discussing tough issues due to the potential fallout.

Consider that a couples retreat might be your opportunity to talk in-depth and focus on the issue(s) that have driven a wedge between the two of you.

Your guard will be down a little bit during the retreat, making it an ideal opportunity to engage with each other in a completely forthright manner and make some headway on those difficult subjects.

3. Use the Time to Reflect on Your Marriage

Some people decide to attend a couples retreat in an attempt to save their marriage or relationship.

Indeed, countless couples retreats have proven successful at preserving marriages.

If your marriage or relationship is in a rocky place or if you are nearing the point of separation, give a couples retreat a try. The residual effects of the retreat might just save your marriage.

Best case scenario, in between hiking, biking, and outdoor fun, you might just put your marriage back on track.

Wouldn’t that be great? Few things feel more rewarding than knowing you successfully navigated the storm.

A male and female couple reading a bible lakeside, while the male points to a specific verse
Both learning and teaching is an expression of love

4. Frame Your Couples Retreat as a Miniature Vacation 

If your significant other is still on the fence as to whether a couples retreat is a good idea, sell the benefits of not having to do chores or work for several days – just like a mini-vacation!

It might sound a bit sneaky, but who wouldn’t at least consider taking some time off to rest, reflect, and heal. Sounds healthy, right?

The worst-case scenario is neither of you will have to worry about preparing meals, doing the dishes, cutting the lawn, cleaning up after yourselves, thinking of something fun to do, or driving the kids to soccer practice for a few days.

This is beginning to sound doable right? We thought so too!

Your couple’s retreat is a time for you and your significant other to reflect and enhance your relationship and emerge feeling refreshed. What better place than at America’s KeswickSchedule or attend a retreat at America’s Keswick and you will have no shortage of quality time and relationship-building activities to choose from. 

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