How to Choose the Perfect Retreat Center Based on Your Goals

Posted on January 23, 2019 by America's Keswick in Retreat Planning

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The retreat center you choose for your next big event has to meet your goals – but how do you find one that matches what you need to accomplish?

okThe first step: Clearly define your goals for the retreat. Once that’s done, you can begin your search for a retreat center that meets your guests’ needs.

Choosing a Retreat Center Based on Your Goals

The retreat center you choose is vital to the event’s success, and you need to know that different facilities provide different experiences for your guests. There will be variations in lodging, activities, dining, and meeting facilities, so your goals for your retreat will inform your decision on which retreat center to choose.

For many Christian retreats, the overarching goals look something like this:

  • To further the church’s mission and fulfill God’s plan for the church
  • To provide relevant, holistic education to church members
  • To encourage participants to remain committed and focus on the big picture
  • To empower members on their own journeys through faith

You may also have more specific goals, such as to promote marital harmony, develop relationships or encourage families with young children to learn and grow together.

Break up your goals for the retreat this way:

  • Immediate. What will your guests expect on the retreat?
  • Short-term. How do you need the retreat to impact your guests immediately after they leave?
  • Long-term. What do you need the retreat to provide to impact your guests in the months and years after the retreat?

To achieve your retreat goals, you need a facility that meets your group’s needs and provides the right dining, recreation, and lodging – those are the basics.

Family Retreat Goals

The retreat center you choose for a family retreat needs to have ample meeting space that’s compatible with kids – and that can handle kids’ needs when they’re not participating in preplanned activities, such as outdoor recreation and a gymnasium.

When children are able to burn off steam as well as combine play with learning, it’s easier to reach overarching and targeted retreat goals.

Marriage Retreat Goals

A good church marriage retreat allows couples to not only connect with God but to each other. In this case, sometimes choosing a retreat location that’s near local amenities – dining, shopping, and attractions – can help enable couples to deepen their connections to each other.

Educational Retreat Goals

Meeting rooms and conference rooms are essential to any educational church retreat, regardless of your guests’ ages, familial status or other demographics. Whether you’re hosting a dozen people or several hundred, you need facilities that provide for your multimedia needs, comfortable accommodations and ADA access.

Look for retreat centers that offer smart TVs, display screens, auditorium stages and stereo speakers in rooms sizable enough to fit all your guests.


Choosing a Retreat Center That Meets Your Needs

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing where to host your retreat – and America’s Keswick may be the perfect fit. As long as you keep your primary goals in mind, your retreat is sure to be a success. Contact us today to speak to a retreat expert about how our facility could cater to your primary goals.


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