8 Considerations When Choosing Between Retreat Centers

Posted on March 28, 2018 by Graeme Wilson in Retreat Planning

If you are looking for a retreat center, you should know no two places are the same. Some retreat centers are centered on outdoor activities while others focus on indoor activities. Others have lavish accommodations while some are bare bones. Furthermore, the surrounding environment also matters. Do your research before selecting a retreat center and you will have all the information you need to make a truly well-informed decision.


A retreat center located in a beautiful locale with easy access to nature’s beauty will prove quite fulfilling for you and your group. Furthermore, if the location is within a reasonable drive of your usual meeting place or living/working spaces, it will make the retreat that much more accessible and enjoyable. The retreat should be located in an area that provides direct and quick access to amenities, scenic spaces and other nearby opportunities for your retreat group to enjoy. Above all, the location should be safe. If your group does not feel perfectly safe at the retreat, they will hesitate to let their guard down and truly enjoy this potentially life-changing experience.

Guest Needs

Find out how far the retreat center staff is willing to go to accommodate your group’s unique needs and requests. If there is a strong focus on customer service and tending to each person’s nuanced needs, it will make the retreat experience that much more satisfying.


You and your group deserve comfortable rooms, bedding, and good food. You may also need access to one or several large meeting spaces. This experience should have the feel and comfort of home. Look for a retreat center with comfy lodging and accommodations and you will enjoy the experience that much more. Furthermore, the retreat center’s accommodations should be based on your group’s unique activities and needs. This is the customized treatment every retreat group deserves.


Things to do/Activities 

Creative retreat center personnel are always looking for new and fun things for retreat participants to enjoy. Your retreat center should have multiple options for group activities and outings. There should be indoor and outdoor activities to choose from so there will always be something to do even when the weather does not cooperate.


Your retreat center experience should not bust your budget. If you suspect the retreat center in question is not worth the expense, check out the reviews and get an idea as to whether they are worth their keep. Request that the retreat center works within the limitations of your budget. If there is some flexibility in terms of price and offerings to suit your unique budget, the retreat center should shoot to the top of your ranks.

Staff & Resources

Retreats are a customer service-oriented business. The retreat center staff and resources should be professional, cordial and willing to go the extra mile for your group. You should not have to wait an extended period of time for your requests to be fulfilled. There should be ample staff available at all times to tend to your group’s needs.


The retreat center should have a wide variety of foods and beverages that suit diets of all types. This includes vegan and vegetarian diets as well as gluten-free diets. If anyone in your group has special dietary needs, contact the retreat center ahead of time to ensure the proper nutrition will be available.


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Handicap Capabilities

Last but not least is handicap access. Leading retreat centers have wheelchair ramps and other facilities for handicapped individuals. This way, if anyone in your group is handicapped, mobility challenged or suffers an injury, entering and exiting retreat center facilities will prove easy.

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When preparing for a retreat, it's important to pack strategically to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Start with the basics like clothes, toiletries, and footwear suitable for different activities. Remember items for outdoor adventures, such as sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent. Include personal safety items like a first aid kit and any necessary medications. Consider bringing entertainment, snacks, and personal comfort items for relaxation. Lastly, organize your belongings with extra bags and packing cubes. Customize this packing checklist based on your specific retreat and preferences for a seamless and fulfilling experience.

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