5 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Retreats for Women

Posted on June 15, 2018 by America's Keswick in Retreat Planning


It should be common knowledge that retreats for women are by design unique from other types of retreats. And that’s a great thing.

We see this as a huge opportunity to create lasting and impactful experiences for retreat participants.

You have an opportunity to bring a group of women closer together, improve one another in a myriad of ways and ultimately allow them to enjoy time away from the “real world”.

We’ve learned that there are several important tips to consider when planning a women’s retreat, whether it lasts multiple days or a full week.

Keep these five tips in mind to make the most of your women’s retreat.

1. Your Women’s Retreat Should Focus on Fun!

Woman Shopping at Church Yard SaleWomen enjoy having fun just as much as men do!

Although your women’s retreat might not have as many athletic/sports-related activities as the men’s retreats, your group can still be active, healthy and have a blast.

Take some time to think about fun activities the women in your group might enjoy. From hiking nature trails to ping-pong, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and beyond. There are plenty of opportunities to have fun and make memories during a women’s retreat at America’s Keswick.

2. Let Participants Help Plan the Retreat

Successful women’s retreats are typically planned by more than one person.

Ask potential retreat participants what they’re looking for from this group experience. Once the group is aware of what others want to get from the retreat, finalizing the events and activities becomes exponentially easier.

Often times, when the participants contribute to the planning, they have a special “ownership” in the event.

3. Retreats for Women Should Have Some Scheduled Downtime

Retreats jam-packed with non-stop activities often fail to achieve the intended aim.

If your group is constantly moving from one activity to another, they will lack the unstructured downtime necessary to be creative, reflective and provide a socialized setting outside of formal group activities.

Your group needs time for fellowship and bonding without oversight from retreat leaders.

4. Women Tend to Respond Well to Themed Events

For whatever reason, women tend to respond well to themed events more than men.

Retreats with a distinct group theme provide participants with something specific to look forward to.

Depending on your group, the theme can be selected for them or the planning crew can get feedback on favorite themes from ladies who intend to participate in the event. Whatever works best for your group culture.

5. Give Your Group a Chance to Reflect as a Unit

Successful retreat planners have found that when the group is allowed to reflect on the day’s events and key learning opportunities, participants tend to get more concrete takeaways from the day.

As a bonus, during group reflection and prayer, you might even hear about an exercise or event that had a big impact on their day. At the same time, they may open up about an event that didn’t impact them as much as expected.

As long as the retreat is still in progress there is time to make tweaks to the following day’s agenda and capitalize on what is working for this specific group.

Your women’s retreat is a time for the women of your church to enhance relationships and emerge feeling refreshed. What better place than at America’s KeswickSchedule or attend a retreat at America’s Keswick and you will have no shortage of quality time and relationship building activities choose from. 


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