How to Increase Sign Ups for Your Upcoming Weekend Retreat

Posted on May 2, 2018 by America's Keswick in Retreat Planning

Planning a weekend retreat will prove that much easier if you are confident people will actually attend. If only a few people sign up for the retreat in the initial days or weeks after opening enrollment, you might feel a bit hesitant to truly invest yourself in the planning process. The key is to build momentum early on by inspiring people to sign up right away. This is true for those who lead churches, sports teams, classes, groups and corporate environments.

Offer Online Sign-ups 

Offer the option to sign up for the weekend retreat on the web and people will be that much more inclined to reserve a space. Letting people sign up online makes the process more convenient. This way, people can sign up for the weekend retreat from home, work or anywhere else.

Do not be intimidated by the setup process for online enrollment. There are numerous free tools available to assist with online registration for a weekend retreat. Free forms are available through SurveyGizmo, Google Forms, etc.

Tend to all the Weekend Retreat Details at the Beginning

Get all your ducks in a row at the outset of the planning process and potential attendees will have the confidence necessary to sign up. Prospects want to know details about the retreat ranging from the accommodations to activities, food, pricing, accessibility for the handicapped, recreation options, speakers and so on.

Give as much information as possible as early as you can and more people will make a commitment. Alternatively, a vague weekend retreat pitch that is short on specifics will not inspire sign-ups.

Be Flexible with Payments

If you do not already take payments on the web, it is time to set up a system to make it easy for retreat-goers to reserve a spot. All sorts of secure payment options such as PayPal, EventBrite and PopMoney are available.

It will also help to provide interested parties with flexible payment plans. Such plans spread out the cost so families and others can enjoy the event without paying the entire cost at once. Make monthly or quarterly payments an option and plenty more people will consider signing up.


Consider asking businesses your group has a relationship with for sponsorships. Some businesses maintain budget lines for such charitable donations. In certain cases, it will be necessary to fill out an application or write a formal letter requesting the donation. Be sure to have your proof of non-profit status ready.

Host a Fundraiser

One proven tactic to get potential retreat-goers to sign up is allowing them to participate in a fund-raising opportunity that will benefit them. Anything from a group car wash to a bake sale will be fun, help raise money and bring your team closer together before the event.

Word of Mouth Advertising is Always the Best 

Word of mouth is the ideal way to promote any type of event. This is especially true for weekend retreats.

Engage influential leaders in the group that others tend listen to. Recruit these leaders at the outset of the process. Provide them with the information necessary to persuade others and all they will need is a platform to make the pitch. Even a video testimonial has the potential to encourage sign-ups.


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