How to Get the Most From a Personal Pastors’ Retreat

Posted on May 23, 2019 by America's Keswick in Retreat Planning


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Personal pastors’ retreats are a fabulous way to recharge and nourish your spirit – but how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of yours?

Check out these five tips to make your retreat even more special.

Five Tips to Get More From a Pastors’ Personal Retreat

In order to get the most out of your retreat, which we know you’re looking forward to, try not to look at it as “time off.” It’s really time on – and it’s incredibly important for you and, in a more roundabout way, for your congregation. Use these tips to make sure you’re capitalizing on the important days you’ve earmarked for your pastors’ personal retreat:

  1. Zero in on your purpose
  2. Step away from your normal routine
  3. Turn off your access to technology
  4. List the issues you’re working on
  5. Find someone to “debrief” with

1. Zero in on your purpose.

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Why are you taking the retreat? It’s not just time away from work – it’s a special time to dive into the issues you’re dealing with and look for answers. It’s a time to get closer to God and reaffirm your purpose as a clergy member, too.

2. Step away from your normal routine.

Part of what makes a retreat successful is its ability to push you outside your comfort zone – so during your retreat, make sure you spend as much time outside your normal routine as possible. These types of retreats are ideal for “shaking things up” and combating burnout.

3. Turn off your access to technology.

Even if you need to be accessible, it’s a good idea to set aside specific hours for phone calls, emails, and text messages. Keep them very limited, because technology can keep pulling you back into the day-to-day routines you’re used to… and during a pastors’ personal retreat, you need to unplug.

4. List the issues you’re working on.

During your retreat, it’s important to list the issues you’re working on. When you zero in on problems you’re facing, you’ll be able to focus your prayers and your activities on solving them. Even if you’re not much of a list-maker, having everything in front of you in writing can help you stay focused on what’s most important.

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5. Find someone to “debrief” with.

Whether you choose a fellow pastor who’s at the retreat with you or you call an old friend from home, it’s important that you can share your thoughts, progress, and revelations with someone you trust. Sometimes talking about things helps you overcome roadblocks, too – and even if it doesn’t, everyone could use some wise counsel from time to time.

Are You Considering Hosting a Personal Pastors’ Retreat?

America’s Keswick may be the ideal place for you to host a personal pastors’ retreat. With dedicated space for privacy, group classes and seminars, and so much more, our facilities can help you and your fellow clergy members reach your personal goals. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today.

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