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Popular Theme Ideas for A Men's Retreat

Posted by Retreat Planning on Friday, December 23, 2016 @ 7:41 AM

Mens Retreat Theme Ideas

If you are in the planning stages of a men's retreat for your church, organization, support group or other men's collective, consider the implementation of a theme. A theme for your men's retreat will increase participation, inspire spirited involvement and boost the potential for team building.

The challenge lies in selecting the perfect theme for your particular group's members and goals. Below, we offer some men's retreat theme suggestions that will help your group bond during this special time away from home and work.

An Opportunity for New Beginnings

 If your group's aim is recovery or establishing a fresh start, the theme of “An Opportunity for New Beginnings” will maximize your men's retreat potential.

A retreat serves as an opportunity for a formative group outing that allows members to get a fresh start on life. Use the retreat as a means of transitioning to a better way of living.

This could be the perfect theme for recovering addicts, those struggling with a midlife crisis or those are trying to rediscover their faith. Even men who are empty nesters will benefit from a new beginnings men's retreat theme. They'll be able to share their fears and goals with one another in a supportive setting.

The Circle of Life

A men's retreat based on the circle of life will provide your group with a fresh perspective. This theme is centered on learning and exhibiting patience, recognizing God's plan, acting in a compassionate manner, placing trust in a higher power and understanding that life is a journey. 

Your group will be able to put their smartphones, work obligations and other responsibilities to the side for a retreat themed on recognizing the beauty of life including its challenges that present opportunities for personal growth. 

Asceticism and Simplicity

A men's retreat is an opportunity for your group to enjoy a period of quiet self-reflection. Use group gatherings as a means of stressing the importance of living a practical life that isn't focused on material possessions and other earthly pleasures.  

Share Your Story

Encourage participants to use the men's retreat as an opportunity to share their vulnerabilities as well as their life experiences. The peaceful context of a retreat provides participants with a platform to express themselves and learn from the stories of others. The end result of a “Share Your Story” men's retreat at America's Keswick will be improved camaraderie and strengthened faith.  

Fill the Cup of Life

It is sometimes necessary to empty a cup to make space for something new. A men's retreat centered on this theme will key in on life being a spiritual journey that involves emptying and filling one's cup over and over again. Retreat participants will learn how to accept the fact that life requires sacrifices and often makes us “let go”.


A men's retreat is an excellent way for your group to contemplate the mysteries of life and faith. Reserve portions of the retreat for silent contemplation. This unstructured time will allow members to conduct introspection away from the stresses of the work grind, home responsibilities and other stimuli. Your group can then discuss God's call and share ways to recognize God's influence in the midst of their hectic lives.

Maintaining Balance 

The modern man is pulled in all different directions by work, family, friends and other forces. It is becoming increasingly difficult to live a balanced life. Building and participating in a true community requires considerable effort, patience and faith. Model your retreat after the life of Jesus and your members will learn how to blend peaceful solitude with community participation to achieve balance.

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