Homemade Apple Pie

Posted on September 28, 2020 by Catey Stover in Victory Call

One of my favorite things about fall is the food- more specifically the dessert! There is nothing like putting on an oversized cozy sweater on a chilly day and sitting down with a piece of warm apple pie accompanied by a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream.

If you have ever made homemade apple pie, you know how much time and energy it takes to get everything just right.  And after all that hard work, I think we can all agree that the time it takes for the pie to cool off can seem like an eternity! I have childhood memories of making apple pie with my parents and I distinctly remember the smell of cinnamon filling up the entire household, making its way into every corner and nook.

As the apple pie aroma fills the house, it alarms each family member of the deliciousness that is soon come. In that same way we are called, as Paul says in 2 Corinthians 2:15, “and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.” We are called to bring the truth of who Jesus is and what He has done for us to every nation on Earth. In the next verse, Paul goes on to say that we should be “the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those perishing.”

As we grow closer in our relationship with God, we become more like Jesus. God begins to work in and through us to produce righteous fruits. When people are around us, do they “smell” Jesus? It may seem like a funny way to think about it but it holds true.  It is not enough to just talk about the gospel, we must put our preaching into practice so that people can see the pleasing, attractiveness of the gospel. The way we live life needs to look different than those who are living for the world.

It’s the aroma of the pie that gets everyone excited for what is to come.  In the same way, when we interact with people we should be showing them the love of Christ in a way that gets them excited for His return. Are you living in a way that makes a relationship with Jesus desirable? When people look at your life, are they seeing fruits that are tasty and appetizing?

When I think back to those sweet memories of making apple pie with my parents, the best part was always inviting my grandparents over to enjoy the pie together. I would always watch their faces as they took their first bite to see their reaction. Seeing their pleased smiles was more satisfying than the pie itself. In that same way, we should be excited to share with our friends, family, and neighbors the work that Jesus has done in our own lives. And if the joy of hearing my grandmother say well done after she finished her pie is just a small sliver of the joy I will feel when I hear “well done my good and faithful servant”, in heaven, I cannot be more excited.


Written by Kori Warren: Kori Warren serves as a Guest Services Representative and recent graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick with a BA in Planning and Public Policy. She is passionate about serving the Lord and showing His love for the people around her.

Think About This: “True faith rests upon the character of God and asks no further proof than the moral perfections of the One who cannot lie. It is enough that God has said it.!” – A.W. Tozer

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