God’s Interruptions

Posted on November 13, 2020 by Catey Stover in Freedom Fighters

Interruptions may be special opportunities designed by God to enable us to do something beyond ourselves. Our immediate view of them is that they violate my needs, provide limited conclusions, but bring new options.


Joseph’s life is a marvelous example. This three-fold pattern repeated itself several times in his life: his brothers, Potipher’s household, his prison experience when the chief baker didn’t follow through with his promise. But with his years of unjust treatment and the results of his integrity and honesty, God put him in a position that changed the fate of Israel. (Gen. 45:8)


But we do not need to go all the way back to Biblical history for examples.


Look what being a prisoner did for Chuck Colson.


Look at what being a protector of Jews did for Corrie Ten Boom.


Look at what a diving accident did for Joni Erickson.


I want to proceed cautiously here; I don’t want to equate, what at least at the moment is a small regional example, to the above who became worldwide examples.


Many? most? ministries are in at least semi-crisis mode at the moment because of the virus. Some will not survive. I know one that has closed for good. But I know one that is thriving.


This ministry is in touch with the constituents every day in some form. They have seized the opportunity, yes, opportunity, to create new ministries and contact points without leaving the property. Check these out:

  • A daily email to all on the list (thousands)
  • A daily worship time with music and message
  • A weekly Bible study podcast
  • A weekly podcast featuring stories of lives impacted by the ministry
  • A bi-weekly podcast with music and message
  • A personal telephone call to every donor (thousands of them) just to say thank you and pray for us.
  • Streaming hymn-sings and special events.


Here is at least one ministry that has taken an interruption and made an opportunity. It is thriving more than ever.


Are you, in whatever position you may be, whether ministry leader or every-day common Christian, using this interruption, this violation of our normal life-patterns to get past limited conclusions (lack of vision), to discover and use exciting new options?


Written By Neil Fichthorn: Rev. Neil Fichthorn is a seasoned conference and camping servant having served at Gull Lake Bible Conference, Sandy Cove Ministries as President, and an interim Executive Director at Pinebrook Bible Conference. He also served in church music for decades as a choir director and arranger. He has been Bill Welte’s mentor and friend for over 45 years.

Think About This:It is not my ability, but my response to God’s ability, that counts.” – Corrie Ten Boom

The Daily Bible Reading: Romans 16; 1 Corinthians 1-3 | You can download our 2020 Daily Bible Reading Plan by clicking here. 

This Week’s Verse to Memorize: but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever. Amen. -2 Peter 3:18

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the doctrinal and theological views held by America’s Keswick.

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