Discovering Victory Podcast – November 2015 Edition

Posted on November 2, 2015 by Graeme Wilson in Discovering Victory



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This month on Discovering Victory, Colony of Mercy graduate Rev. Chris Thompson dives deep into the story of Jacob. Sit back and listen as he shares a powerful message about wrestling with God and the victory that comes with surrendering to Him. Are you wrestling with something today? Listen now and be blessed by this message. Be sure to share your feedback with us either on our YouTube channel or email us at Thank you and God bless!

Podcast Speaker:

Rev. Chris Thompson, Pastor and Missionary in England

Podcast Hosts:

Graeme Wilson, Director of Marketing | @graememw |
Dr. Bill Welte, President & CEO | @bwelte |

Show Notes:

CLICK HERE to visiting our Praying Courageously resource page

CLICK HERE to view the complete series from Rev. Chris Thompson

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