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It’s not Thanksgiving as I write this – that was “over” several weeks ago, but in my heart today is a verse God gave me, Psalm 100:5, “For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting: and His truth endureth to all generations.” I am thinking today of all of the things for which I can and should give thanks. God is good, His mercy lasts forever and His truth goes on and on and on.

In November, I had the opportunity of taking the Keswick road trip to Branson – what a blessing. Traveling across the country in a bus – some days more of a blessing than others, having time to talk and fellowship with so many others, many of them believers, but some not and the joy of being able to talk about God’s love and grace for them if they only are willing to receive Jesus Christ. Lots of great shows to see – many of them honoring God and country outright, and the responses from the audiences that was so positive and joyful. And lots – and lots – of good food (and, OK, in my case, great shopping). All in all, a truly great time.However… Several on the trip had colds, etc., which they were good enough to share with the rest of us, and a few days after we returned, I had an upper respiratory infection and the flu (and, yes, I got a flu shot), which kept me pretty sick for at least 10 days. My carefully prepared Thanksgiving dinner went back to the freezer, I stayed in bed for 5 days and ate a turkey pot pie for my own dinner (well, at least it was turkey!)

It would have been so easy to feel disappointed (which I was) and feel sorry for myself because I was alone, but you see, I wasn’t really alone. OK, there was nobody in the house with me, but He was there and gave such a feeling of peace and calm – no rushing to make lump-free gravy, rescuing the rolls from burning and fussing because the pumpkin mousse wasn’t fluffy enough. Very dear friends brought over beautiful flowers and as I sat on my porch and enjoyed their colors, I was surrounded by feelings of overwhelming thankfulness for what God was doing in my life that day.

And, again today, as I reflect on Psalm 100, I am so filled with praise and thanksgiving that I had to stop and write this. One of those things that just couldn’t wait. Now, my illness was for a short time, but I know that many of you are dealing with much more serious and long-lasting issues – health, finances, loss of loved ones, and more. Just remember that at all times, not just at Thanksgiving, He is good, His mercy is everlasting and His truth endures forever. No matter what the “problem” might be, there is NOT ONE THING that He is not able to overcome and give strength and peace to see you through.

Make every day a Thanksgiving Day as you rejoice in what He has done, is doing and will continue to do in your life.

Written by Lynn Randall: Lynn Randall is the Director of Human Resources at America’s KESWICK. She is active in her church and is a gifted planner and organizer. She has a real heart for people as evidenced by her care, concern and practical encouragement.

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