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A former colleague of mine has had, what one could say, a no good very bad year.  It all started over a year ago when she was “offered” a new job.  The new job tripled her current workload, increased her hours and cut her pay.  Because she said she could not consider it without at least an increase in pay, her job was cut from full-time to part-time.  To make matters even more difficult she went in the hospital for a partial knee replacement.  An infection set in and she went on intravenous antibiotics.  Thinking she was cured of her infection doctors went in again to do a complete knee replacement.  That was not to happen.  It seems the infection had not fully cleared so she had to wait a little longer and take more antibiotics.  Recently she finally had a full knee replacement and is recuperating.

I have another friend who is a sister in Christ.  She has been battling cancer for at least three years.  She has been through several rounds of chemotherapy, radiation etc. etc.  No matter what happens she praises God.  She tells of all the blessings in her life and speaks trust in the Lord and His love for her.  Her battle continues, but she presses on trusting that the Lord is with her no matter what.  She even ministers to others going through similar or worse battles as she meets them along her journey of treatment.

When I look at these two lives I cannot help but notice something very different about them.  My colleague has had one consistent problem throughout this process; she constantly speaks negative words over herself.  I am sure she doesn’t mean it and, in fact, it is more than understandable that she has been feeling overwhelmed and depressed.  But her words really have not helped the situation.  She has said things like, “They will probably eliminate my job, and they probably want to get rid of me.” Before surgery she said, “They will probably mess me up more”. With the same set of circumstances I may have done the same thing.  It made me think about the words I speak over my loved ones and myself.

My sister in Christ refuses to speak negatively and if anyone speaks death or negatively around her she quite literally asks them to stop talking like that or leave.   She does not want her mind to consider negative thoughts.  Her focus is Jesus.  Of course she fights feelings of fear, especially when she is very sick, but she fights with weapons of warfare that are not carnal.  The praise music is on and she is reading about the promises of God.

The Word of God says with our mouth we bless or we curse.  “21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.”  Proverbs 18:21(NKJV)

Dear ones, one word can change our situation and attitude for better or worse.  I believe we must be very careful that we do not allow difficult times to pull us down so that we are under our circumstances.  It can be hard work, but it is so worth the effort.  We must speak the words that will bring breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough.  We must rise above our circumstances.  When in a time of struggle let us get help from trusted friends in Christ.  Let us worship the Lord.  I always find worship to be the best tool in my arsenal.  Let us make it our goal to use words that will cause negative thoughts to wither and die.  Let us guard our mouth, and rise up with one word of faith that will release blessings in our lives today.  Let us focus on what is good and the blessings in our lives.  Be lifted up even if the circumstances takes a little longer to catch up.

Patricia L. Wenzel, Woman of Character Graduate

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