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Posted on September 18, 2015 by Graeme Wilson in Victory Call

…you then who teach others, do you not teach yourself? Romans 2:21

To those of you who mistakenly believe I have my act all together, I believe this Victory Call will dispel such myths.

Perhaps you have heard that in November I will be ending my 16-year tenure with America’s Keswick and moving to North Carolina. It will be difficult to leave a ministry that I love so dearly.
One morning as I sat doing my devotions I was thinking about God’s will. My husband and I truly want to be following God and seeking His will. I was asking myself, how can we be sure this is God’s will? I wrestled with that question for a few minutes. It wasn’t too long before the Lord reminded me of something I have taught over and over again.


So often we think to be in the will of God requires that we scan the horizon for the one spot we have to go next to be in God’s will; and then the next spot to be in God’s will. If we go to a different spot, we have missed God’s will.

That is not the way to determine God’s will. The will of God is more like a pathway or a highway with edges defined in the Scriptures. But as long as we are on the pathway we are free to move around on that pathway and still be in the will of God.

Oh, Yeah. …you then who teach others, do you not teach yourself? Romans 2:21


Diane Hunt is a Biblical Counselor, Women’s conference and retreat speaker and author. She serves as the Director of Partner Care and Director of Women’s Ministries at America’s Keswick. She and her husband John have two married children and four grandchildren. She loves reveling in warm sunny climates and playing with her grandchildren.

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