Learning to let God Lead you (Part 2)

Posted on November 26, 2018 by America's Keswick in Victory Call

The Church we belonged to when I first got saved split. People whom I thought of as godly and family stopped talking to us because we didn’t agree with them about the direction of the church and
how it was being handled. From our perspective, we may have been in disagreement but we were still all in the family of God and we were also friends… so we were hurt. We stopped going to church for a while, mainly because our children were very hurt and confused.

About 2 years later we started going to another church… or so we thought. It turned out to be a cult. We got our kids involved and things went from bad to worse because I stopped thinking God would speak to me and I believed He only talked to the cult leader. This was not the truth of course but it was the lie the enemy wanted me to believe. When things finally got to the worst they could for our family, God had brought us to Keswick where things changed for us.

As my husband went through the Colony of Mercy and I went through Women of Character, we both grew in our faith. I learned who I was in Christ and that I was loved by my Father in heaven. The more I surrendered to Him and the more I spent time in His word, the more I learned that God speaks to us as individuals and meets us right where we’re at. I also learned that there are things that God gives me or doesn’t give me because He is all-knowing and knows what is best for me. Now when I share my testimonies with others, I tell them what God did for me, or I say “this is how God used____To show me _______.”

I’ve come to believe that some things that are okay for me may not be okay for others, and visa versa. For example, I can no longer watch scary movies, ones with spiritual themes, but that does not mean that everyone can’t watch them nor should they be criticized if they do. I believe that God created us as individuals and that is how He deals with us.

Now I know that there are things that the Bible teaches us and we need to follow God’s word. But I also believe that as different as we all are, that is how differently God deals with us. I hope this makes sense. All I am trying to say is don’t be a sheep that follows what the other sheep are doing, follow the Great Shepherd. Follow Him because He will never lead you astray. I pray this has helped someone who is struggling with knowing if the Father speaks to them. I’m here to tell you He does, and if you open your heart and listen He will speak and lead you through your life.

God bless

Written by Robbin Weinhardt: Robbin Weinhardt is a Part-Time Dining Room hostess and a Women of Character graduate. She is married to Ray Weinhardt, who works in our kitchen and is a Colony of Mercy Graduate.

The Daily Bible Reading: Acts 17:1-18:18| You can download our 2018 Daily Bible Reading Plan by clicking here

Think About This: “God speaks through a variety of means. In the present God primarily speaks by the Holy Spirit, through the Bible, prayer, circumstances, and the church.” – Henry Blackaby

This Week’s Verse to Memorize:And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance;and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3-4

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