Judgment Free Zone

Posted on July 31, 2015 by Graeme Wilson in Victory Call

Are you judgment free and should you be?

This Victory Call was prompted by a physical therapy visit. There I was, going through all the prompted exercises, stretching muscles that have been bundled up in knots for far too long.

So, it’s not hard to envision that, while standing or sitting and going through those therapy motions I had plenty of opportunity to look around and observe everyone else within my scope of vision. As I did, I saw “stuff”. I caught glimpses of “different”, “interesting”, etc.

While I was, in my head, perusing, the Holy Spirit prompted in me awareness of the fact that I wasn’t just looking and/or observing, I was also judging. So, I repented and turned my full attention back to my therapy exercises.

Within a few moments I was, once again perusing, but this time I was observing all the attendants who were going to and fro attending to everyone who—just like me—was there because they’re dealing with a little or a lot of physical pain. I watched them for quite a while and here’s what I noticed.

At no time during this observance did I notice a hint or a flicker of judgment on their faces. They were super professional and they were there to serve with integrity. It was clear that I was in a judgment free zone.

With that awareness stalking my mind, the question that begged to be asked was, “Are you a judgment free zone” and/or “should I BE a judgment free zone?”

I mean, really, who am I?

Who am I to sit there being critical and judgmental of my surroundings? I am a sinner saved by grace and as easy as it was for me to be in my head critiquing others—if they’d been able to see into my head and heart—it would’ve been clear that I had some yucky unpleasantness there which needed a different kind of therapy.

So why do I share this with you today? Because I know for sure I am not alone. It’s a part of the human condition and it comes natural to the flesh. That’s why as I wrote the above; I wanted to be sure to leave you with something with far more tangible and life-transforming importance.

You see, dear sisters, inasmuch as I was “caught” functioning in my flesh, the opportunity that I was given in that exact moment was to see with new eyes the beauty of creation, people created in the expressed image of God. It’s not my job or yours to sit or stand in judgment over all the things that are different than us.

What’s ours to do is BE. Be Jesus with skin according to the grace, knowledge, understanding and wisdom of the Word of Truth, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. If, I/we cannot or will not do that, it is we who will stand in judgment by the One who alone is Holy, Righteous and Just. Selah.

Stephanie Dale

Stephanie D. Paul serves as part of the Addiction Recovery Team at America’s Keswick as Director of Women of Character. She has been married for over 30 years to Sesky Paul who is a graduate of the Colony of Mercy. They have two grown children. Her single focus in ministry at Keswick is to image Christ in grace and truth to wounded and hurting women, encouraging them to make Jesus the truest Lover of their soul and the One in whom all hope lies.

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