God Is Unchanging

Posted on March 5, 2019 by America's Keswick in Victory Call

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  (Hebrews 13:8)

As we gathered together as a staff one day we were asked, “On a scale of 1-10, how well do you handle change?”  We were then asked to form a line according to the number we gave ourselves. I think I handle change fairly well so I gave myself an 8-9. How about you?  Whether you handle change well or change seems to overwhelm you, aren’t you glad that God does not change one bit?

We can always count on change. We can also count on God’s consistency. We will never wake one morning to find that He is no longer there. A day will not come when He is not gracious, loving, kind, patient and faithful.  He will still make a way to bring you through the Red Sea that stands before you.  The same God who provided manna is the same One who will supply your need today.

Let me rephrase the original question.  On a scale of 1-10, how well do you handle change? What happens when change is not about what is happening around you but it is what God desires to do in you? Outward change is one thing but a change of heart and mind is another.  The habit, attitude or sin seems to never change. We feel helpless and defeated. Yet the same power that was used to raise Jesus Christ from the dead is the same power offered to us this very day. No matter what God may be changing the answer is the same. We can always count on knowing that He will never change.

Kathy Withers

This devotional was first published in Real Victory for Real Life Volume 2.

Kathy Withers is on staff at America’s Keswick and serves as Director of Partner Care. Kathy has been married to her husband Dave for 30 years. They have two adult children. Kathy is active in her local Church and teaches a Bible Study for women. Her passion is to encourage women to deepen their walk with Jesus Christ by finding and living out the truths of God’s Word.

The Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 39-40, James 5| You can download our 2018 Daily Bible Reading Plan by clicking here

Daily Quote: “Nothing binds me to my Lord like a strong belief in His changeless love.” – Charles Spurgeon

This Week’s Verse to Memorize: When You said, “Seek My face,” my heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” – Psalm 27:8

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