An Emotional God

Posted on November 8, 2017 by Graeme Wilson in Victory Call

Letter from GodIf I were to go on the streets and take a poll asking people what they think God is like, I think that many people would give a condemnatory description of Him. features a survey from USA TODAY that shares the top 3 adjectives that Americans use to describe God: Authoritarian, Critical, and Distant.
I’m sure many of these adjectives come from people who don’t really know God on a personal level; they just describe based on their assumptions. It makes me sad, though, how deceived so many people are by the enemy about the true character of God. I feel like even believers might have a false idea of who God really is.
One of my favorite ways to describe God is emotional. That’s not a common adjective for God, but it makes me fall in love with Him all the more. But it’s true. He is an emotional God.

  • He is a compassionate God (Psalm 135:14, Psalm 147:3, Judges 2:18).
  • He is a God who feels joy and loves laughter (Matthew 17:5, Proverbs 17:22, Job 8:21).Letter from God
  • He is a God who gets angry at what is unjust and wicked (Matthew 21:12-13, Exodus 15:7, Romans 1:18).
  • But He is a God who also extends forgiveness (Colossians 3:13, 1 John 1:9, Acts 3:19).
  • He is a God that feels sadness and sorrow (Genesis 6:6, John 11:35, Matthew 26:38, Matthew 27:46).
  • He is also a God who delights in His people (Zephaniah 3:17, Psalm 149:4).
  • He is a God who LOVES YOU (Psalm 86:5, Psalm 136:26, John 3:16, Romans 5:8).

I love that I serve a very personal and emotional God, a God I can go to with my emotions and He listens. Too many people think of Him as an angry man in the sky getting ready to strike people with bolts of lightning, but that’s not true! He’s a good, good Father.
Erin Culleny serves as a Marketing Assistant and Staff Writer. She loves encouraging women through her Victory Calls and finds such joy in praying for her sisters in Christ. Her favorite activities include reading her Bible, encouraging others with scripture, buying new makeup, buying dresses, and eating at the Cheesecake Factory… In that order!

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