A Helping Hand When You’re Tired

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Graeme Wilson in Victory Call

“The Israelites out-fought the Amalekites as long as Moses held up his arms. But they started to lose whenever he had to lower them. Finally, Moses was so tired that Aaron and Hur got a rock for him to sit on. Then the stood beside him and supported his arms in the same position until sunset.” Exodus 17:10-12 (CEV)

There are a number of things in these two verses that immediately catch my attention.

  • There is a serious battle raging
  • Moses depends on the Lord
  • With his hands lifted up Moses prays, prays, prays, prays
  • Moses’ hands get tired
  • Moses had two faithful friends who supported his weary hands until the sun went down and the battle was won.
  • Wow! I have a lump in my throat even now as I think about that last point. The very idea; the thought, of someone standing in the gap with you until…

Sister. Friend. Are you at a place in life where you are weary and wondering how oh how, you are going to get through? Is there a battle raging in your home, heart or life that threatens to undo you? And lest we are too self-focused, I must also ask you to consider the people in your sphere of influence. Is there one among them whose hands are tired and need your support?

Dear sister, there are two things I encourage you to do and see.

To do:

  •  Pray! Pray! Pray and ask for help! Don’t allow pride or any other thing to rob your strength for another second!
  • I urge you not to be slow in offering that place to sit and rest.

To see:

  • See that not a single one of us can get through life without help.
  • See that the main thing; the most important thing written in verse 15 is “Moses built an altar and named it, ‘”The Lord Gives Me Victory'”.

Moses explains, “This is because I depended on the Lord…”. Our bottom line, now and always – we don’t get through on our own. We must press in and remember that God is our banner and shield and it is He alone who sustains us.

Written by Stephanie Paul: Stephanie served on staff at America’s Keswick as Women of Character Director. She is married to Sesky; together they have 2 adult children.

Think About This: It takes more courage to be humble than it does to be prideful. –Matthew Hagee

The Daily Bible Reading: 1 Chronicles 25-27Luke 4:1-30 | You can download our 2019 Daily Bible Reading Plan by clicking here

This Week’s Verse to Memorize: As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness. – Psalm 17:15

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