“Top 5” Why Do Summers at Keswick Rock?

Posted on July 3, 2018 by Graeme Wilson in Keswick News

1.The Speakers

America’s Keswick has over a dozen different speakers to choose from with a wide range of personalities and teaching styles – and each and every speaker will challenge you spiritually with your walk with God. These summer conferences aren’t about acquiring information, they’re about life change!


2.The Activities

There is never “nothing to do.” Whether you’re going down a giant waterslide, doing a Digital Scavenger Hunt, playing Mini Golf, playing Archery Tag, or just hanging out at the beach or snack shop, you’re never, ever bored. There is so much for adults, kids, and teens to do!


3. Children’s Ministry

Have you seen how insanely decked out the Children’s Ministry rooms are? If you have, you know that this isn’t just a classroom-style ministry; it’s an interactive learning experience! We share the gospel during the week and have various teaching styles for all kids, including crazy games, skits, and crafts to help aid them in learning our custom Christian curriculum.


4. The Food

You definitely won’t leave the dining room disappointed! Whenever needed, we will customize our menu to meet your dietary needs and preferences. There is so much yummy food on the menu that you’ll probably want second, third, or FOURTH helpings! We’re getting hungry already!


5. Welcome Home!

Something that sets America’s Keswick apart is that you’re not just another conference-attender, you’re our guest. We do our best to accommodate every need you have, and our staff wants to take the time to personally get to know YOU. It won’t be long before you’re laughing at all the “Keswick Family inside jokes,” praying with other guests around the dining room tables, or making new friends at the lake… we truly mean it when we say, “Welcome Home!”


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