You Make Me Brave

Posted on December 9, 2022 by Elizabeth Welte in Freedom Fighters

 “The Lord looks down from heaven and sees the whole human race. From his throne he observes all who live on the earth. He made their hearts, so he understands everything they do. The best-equipped army cannot save a king, nor is great strength enough to save a warrior. Don’t count on your warhorse to give you victory— for all its strength, it cannot save you. ‘But the Lord’… watches over those who fear him, those who (abide in and) rely on his unfailing love. He rescues them (those who abide in Him, being led by His Spirit) from death and keeps them alive in times of famine. We (abide) putting our hope in the Lord. He is our help and our shield. (Abiding) in Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in His Holy Name; Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone.” (Psalms 33:13-22)

You see the connection? When abiding in Christ, that is, being led by The Spirit, proceeding in life by His power and not our own, allowing His thoughts and character to flood our heart so much so, that it blossoms as His “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things! For those who (abide in Him), belonging to Christ Jesus have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to His cross and crucified them there. Since we are (abiding in Jesus) living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.” (Gal 5:22-25)

Stepping forward into an unknown future is like walking into a dark forest with no idea the path, obstacles, distractions, or battles that lay ahead. Why not travel with the one who offers the foreknowledge, strength, courage, illumination, and the willingness to travel with you along life’s way…?

God has promised to never leave or forsake you, He has promised to provide your every need and to go before you and fight every battle. In God’s faithfulness He has promised to let His loving-kindness rest upon all whose hope abides in Him.

He stands at the door of your heart and knocks; won’t you open your life to Him and find rest in His presence? Do that and He will make you brave.

Choose wisely….

“For God saved us and called us to live a holy life. He did this, not because we deserved it, but because that was his plan from before the beginning of time—to show us his grace through Christ Jesus. That is why I am suffering here in prison. But I am not ashamed of it, for I know the one in whom I trust, and I am sure that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until the day of his return.” (2 Timothy 1:9, 12)

Praying 4 U


Written by David Brown: David Brown is a husband, father, grandfather, Pastor with a Masters of Religious Studies and a Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Religions. Dave is the Associate Pastor of Pemberton’s First Baptist Church. He is the author of two devotional books, “From a Chair by the Window.” And “#PrayerWinsThe Day”.

Think About This: “When we trust ourselves to God’s keeping, we are forever secure.” – Vernon Grounds

The Daily Bible Reading: Hosea 1-4; Jude 1 You can download our 2022 Daily Bible Reading Plan by clicking here. 

This Week’s Verse to Memorize: It is like the precious oil upon the head, Running down on the beard, The beard of Aaron,
Running down on the edge of his garments.” Psalm 133:2

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