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John 9:1-41 

How much of what you know about the Lord Jesus Christ is shaped by a wrong focus? Wrong focus distorts how others see our transformation. The transformed life is a life focused on Jesus. What is the process of our transformation?

Jesus really sees the blind man but the disciples clung to tradition(vv. 1-3).


Transformation, from start to finish, is completely the work of God and for His glory. The Creator, re-creates, His creation, His creation returns a completely new man. Man, formed from the dust, receives both physical and spiritual life from God’s Spirit (water is a symbol of the Holy Spirit). Transformation begins with a simple act of obedience(vv.4-7).

Your family, friends and neighbors are skeptical about the change because they remember the old creation. But you are a new creation. So they ask, “How did this happen?”(vv. 8-11). Many times our first testimony focuses on what not Who.

The word about you gets out. The spiritual leaders keep an eyes on you. So do their minions. What happened to you, happened on the wrong day. And, you ask the wrong questions!  The leaders had a powerful influence on the members of the synagogue so people that should have stood up for the man did not do it. Why? They feared people more than God. He boldly defends Jesus.  The result was the leaders gave the man boot while the people stood by (vv.13-34).

I think of Chuck Colson, the founder of Prison Fellowship, and how he was treated when he first became a Christian. I’m glad there were some people, who encouraged him. Many prisoners have become Christians through the ministry of Prison Fellowship.

The man’s transformation required follow up, so the man could grow in his relationship with Jesus. Have our churches become weak because we spend more time criticizing new believers than nurturing them? Does our transformation cause us to worship the Lord Jesus Christ daily? Is the light of the knowledge God growing in us? Is it being tempered by the love of God? Are we left in our own guilt by self-righteousness?(vv.35-41).

Will you join me, as a transformed creation, letting your light shine in a dark world?

Today’s Affirmation:

I will fix my eyes on Jesus so His light will shine through me. Pastor Bob Wood is a mentor/Pastor-teacher. You can email him at

Daily Bible Reading: Ezekiel 11-13; John 10:24-42

Think About This: Faith is like Radar that sees through the fog – the reality of things at a distance that the human eye cannot see. Corrie Ten Boom

This Week’s Verse to Memorize: In the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul. Psalm 94:19

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