The Flesh & the Spirit

Posted on October 16, 2023 by Elizabeth Welte in Freedom Fighters

But I say, walk in the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. For the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh. Galatians 5:16-17 (NASB)


I recently read a great description contrasting the flesh vs. the Spirit. Welcome to this new week of Freedom Fighter blogs. We really appreciate you tracking with us each week.

Devotional author and missionary statesman, Roy Lessin does a brilliant job giving a picture of the flesh vs. the Spirit. See if you agree:

My flesh said, “I want to pursue my goals.”
The Spirit said, “Pursue my purposes.”

My flesh said, “I have great ideas.”
The Spirit said, “I have a perfect plan.”

My flesh said, “I want to draw people to my personality.”
The Spirit said, “I want to draw people by My presence.”

My flesh said, “Look at my determination.”
The Spirit said, “Let Me be in control.”

My flesh said, “Look at my talents.”
The Spirit said, “Desire My gifts.”

My flesh said, “I am working hard.”
The Spirit said, “Receive My power.”

My flesh said, “I have a great mind.”
The Spirit said, “Seek My wisdom.”

My flesh said, “I want to make a difference.”
The Spirit said, “I am the difference.”

My flesh said, “I am well educated.”
The Spirit said, “I will give you My revelation.

My flesh said, “I am clever.”
The Spirit said, “I am truth.”

My flesh said, “I want to be a person of influence.”
The Spirit said, “Walk in My favor.”

My flesh said, “I want to keep trying new things.”
The Spirit said, “Drink of Me.”

My flesh said, “I am a nice person.”
The Spirit said, “I am love.”

My flesh said, “I am doing the best I can.”
The Spirit said, “Let Me do it through you.”

My flesh said, “I am weary.”
The Spirit said, “I will renew your strength.”

My flesh said, “I am trying to live a good life.”
The Spirit said, “I will make you holy.”

My flesh said, “I need to be dynamic.”
The Spirit said, “You need to be anointed.”

My flesh said, “I want recognition.”
The Spirit said, “Seek My approval.”

My flesh said, “I want people like me.”
The Spirit said, “I want people to glorify Jesus.”

The flesh said, “It’s all about me.”
The Spirit said, “It’s all about Jesus.”


Great reminder for us today. Are you walking in the flesh or in the Spirit?


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