On “At the Wall of Belief”

Posted on October 21, 2015 by America's Keswick in Freedom Fighters


Luke 18:27; John 15:1-16; Philippians 2:13

A wall sets boundaries, protects us and gives privacy, etc. We can drive someone up the wall, go to the wall, hit the wall, and be off the wall. Walls have ears, walls can be wall-to-wall.


A wall of belief can hinder the purpose of God through failure of obedience and failure to meet the challenge beyond the wall of belief. It can hinder it by failure of inclusiveness or by making judgments based upon the finite rather than the infinite at a given moment.

I have been working to help those with physical, mental and emotional challenges to reach their spiritual potential. But sometimes, did you hear me, “sometimes”, those with challenges use their challenges as an excuse not to serve God ( even Moses told God to find someone else, (Exodus 4:13). Jesus said, “It is better to give than receive”but they flip it around to “better to receive than give”: The result is no service to others. “Normal people”, are there any, do the same thing sometimes.

But then, there is the other side where life meets the wall of belief. My life verse is Luke 18:27, “what is impossible with man is possible with God”. What happens if a challenged person desires to serve God as a disciple of Christ or missionary? The finite says “impossible” while the infinite view says “possible”. How? When a synergy between the will of God harnessed to the responsibility of man under the direction of the Holy Spirit in the community of believers takes place then the impossible becomes possible.

Will you join me, jumping over the wall of belief to pursue what is possible with God?

Today’s Affirmation

I will not let my belief hinder the work of God, instead I will think vertically rather than horizontally when confronted with the impossible. – Pastor Bob Wood is a Seasonal Camper at America’s Keswick who disciples men and loves to teach people to pray. You can email him at dsprayer@aol.com

Daily Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 22-24; 1 Timothy 1

Think About This: Give until you feel like it; then keep on giving until you don’t feel it. D L Moody

This Week’s Verse to Memorize: You shall hide them in the secret place of Your presence from the plots of man; You shall keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues. Psalm 31:20

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