I’ll wash your mouth out with soap!!

Posted on December 29, 2022 by Elizabeth Welte in Freedom Fighters

Anyone of a certain age will recognize those famous ungodly words that, when blurted out, are deemed unacceptable by elders. Not that I ever had a bar of ivory soap put down my throat on more occasions than any calculator can compute [Sarcastically speaking], but I have spewed out more profanity-laced tirades than you could fathom. I wish I could say with age comes wisdom on this subject, but I can’t. Well into my fifties, my words were filled with anger and vulgarity. Yes, they calmed themselves down, and I would like to think that I have gotten A LOT better at biting my tongue than I had in the past.

“A good person produces good things from his storeroom of good, and an evil person produces evil things from his storeroom of evil. I tell you that on the day of judgement people will have to account for every careless word they speak. For by your words, you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” Matthew 12:35-37

I stop myself, more often than not, when I need to answer something that is put in a direct fashion. “I’ll get back to you on that” or “let me think about it” are phrases which allow me to ponder the proper response. Saying anything in the heat of the moment seems to always come back and bite me in the ….. Well, you know where. But it doesn’t end there. In this day and age, anything that is on the internet, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform, is out there for the world to see. How many sport stars, politicians, and/or actors have fallen from Grace due to something posted years, or even, decades ago. Look at what is happening to Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys football team. A picture resurfaced from 1957, 65 years ago, when at a rally to prevent African American students from attending an all-white school in Alabama. Everything we do can, and will, be taken out of context if someone so desires; no matter when it happened.

“May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, Lord my rock and my redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

I may not be able to erase all the horrible words and things I’ve done, but I pray that I can write a new chapter pleasing to The One who saved me. Thank You Jesus!


Written by Robert Breault: Robert is a full-time staff member serving anyone who’s hungry in the Food Service Department. He is married to Shirley Holmes-Breault who volunteers at the Colony of Mercy at the intake office. Robert and Shirley love the beach, Schroon Lake and their 3 Children and 2 Grandchildren.

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