Discovering Victory Podcast – October 2015 Edition

Posted on September 30, 2015 by Graeme Wilson in Discovering Victory


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This month on Discovering Victory Dr. Ray Pritchard from Keep Believeing Ministries shines some light through the cracks that can turn a once solid foundation to rubble. Fear not, foundations can be rebuilt if there are those willing to do the work. Get your hard hat on and enter the zone with us. It’s dangerous but the One in charge knows what He’s doing. We hope this podcast will be a blessing to you. Be sure to share your feedback with us either on our YouTube channel or email us at Thank you and God bless!

Podcast Speaker:

Dr. Ray Pritchard, President of Keep Believeing Ministries

Podcast Hosts:

Graeme Wilson, Director of Marketing |
Dr. Bill Welte, President & CEO |

Show Notes:

CLICK HERE to visiting our Praying Courageously resource page

CLICK HERE to view the complete series from Dr. Ray Prichard

Request a complimentary copy “WHEN THE FOUNDATIONS TUMBLE” by Dr. Ray Pritchard, call our guest services department today at 800.453.7942. We hope this booklet will be a blessing to you!

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