Posted on December 2, 2015 by Graeme Wilson in Discovering Victory

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Thank you for joining us this month on our Discovering Victory Podcast. We thought it would be special to do something a little bit different for the month of December, so we wanted to share an update of the ministry of America’s Keswick with you!

During this month’s podcast, you will see the familiar faces of Graeme Wilson and Dr. Bill Welte. You will also hear from some other members of our leadership team, such as Dr. Lynn Jahns, Stephanie Paul, Robert Hayes, and Kathy Withers. Plus, you will be able to gather us insight from recent graduates of our new Addiction Recovery program for women, Barbara’s Place.

We hope this podcast will be a blessing to you and will help you gather insight on what’s happening in the ministries of America’s Keswick.

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Podcast Hosts:

Podcast Guests:

  • Dr. Lynn Jahns, Director of Barbara’s Place
  • Stephanie Paul, Director of Women of Character
  • Robert Hayes, Director of Program Ministries
  • Kathy Withers, Director of Partner Care

Show Notes:

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