Who Do They See?

Posted on May 13, 2015 by Graeme Wilson in Victory Call

I was watching TV last night and not one but two different shows had characters that were “Christians.” Sadly, I laughed at the way they portrayed Christ followers. They were narrow-minded, unloving, and constantly shoved their faith down others’ throats so that all they wanted to do was get away from them. If that is how the world sees us, it’s no wonder they don’t want anything to do with Jesus. Sad, too, is that most everyone watching would probably laugh at such characters.

Every day I see posts on Facebook that are argumentative, critical, judgmental and harshly opinionated, posted by believers who seem to only be interested in spouting their point of view.

Behavior like that does nothing to draw people to Jesus. It either makes people laugh, or want to run away.

It reminded me of a song by Joy Williams ~
Is the face that I see in the mirror the one I want others to see?
Do I show in the way that I walk in my life the love that You’ve given to me?
My heart’s desire is to be like You in all that I do, all I am
Do they see Jesus in me?
Do they recognize Your face?
Do I communicate Your love and your grace?
Do I reflect who You are in the way I choose to be?
Do they see Jesus, Jesus in me?
Well, it’s amazing that You’d ever use me, but use me the way You will
Help me to hold out a heart of compassion and grace
A heart that Your Spirit fills
May I show forgiveness and mercy the same way you’ve shown it to me
Well I want to show all the world that You are the reason I live and breathe
So You’ll be the one that they see when they see me

Sadly, I know that I don’t always live out the life that Jesus wants for me. I know that many times, Jesus would not be what people see in my words and actions. But watching those two depictions of “Christians” on TV, I know that is not what I want people to see.

What do people see in us? Do they know we are believers by the way we act? By what we say? Do we show the love that we’ve been given, or only our judgmental opinions of right and wrong?

I’m challenged by seeing what I don’t want to be, to seek God more so that He can live through me and be seen in me. How about you?

Ruth Schmidt

Ruth is on full-time staff at America’s Keswick, and grateful to be a daughter of the King.

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