The Problem with Comparison

Posted on June 1, 2018 by America's Keswick in Victory Call

It is all around us. When we see that Mom on social media with the perfect life and the perfect children with the perfect husband and we wonder why that is not our life (even though we can be sure that life on social media is not all that it is made to look like, am i right ladies??) Or when we see someone with another job promotion or who was able to buy that pretty new car or that nice new house and we wonder why that couldn’t be us. The comparison game is strong among us ladies but I can assure you one thing, this isn’t the way God intended. Seeing ourselves through the lives of others and instead of through His eyes will continually lead to a life of discontentment instead of the fulfilled life He has called us to.

The struggle we face as women of comparison and constantly feeling like we have to live up to others around us is a real battle that Satan can use to tell us that we are not good enough. It cripples us into a fear that never allows us to reach our true potential as perfect daughters of the King. The truth is that God created YOU perfectly. Psalm 139: 13 states “ For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”  He perfectly pieced YOU together and He created you with the gifts that would enable you to serve Him perfectly. When we start to compare those, or our lives for that matter, to others, we find discontentment, constantly trying to achieve what everyone else has.

I will be totally honest with you that the reason I chose to write on this topic is because it is something that I am currently battling right now. I knew that by writing on it I would have to face it myself and allow God to teach me through studying this topic in His word. So I sit here before you so completely unperfect but expectant of how God can move and free us from the struggles that can leave us paralyzed in our emotional thoughts.

I truly believe that finding contentment in Him is the key to winning the battle against who we believe the world is telling us to be. Paul in Galatians 1:10, speaking to the church in Galatia, says, “ Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Ladies, quit seeking the approval of the world and people around you, but run so hard after the Gospel. It is right there that we can find true contentment in Him.

I challenge you ladies today to truly see yourself through God’s eyes and BELIEVE in who He says you are and who He calls you to be, His daughter, perfection.

Written by Ava Coache: Ava Coache serves the local church through Wellspring Church in Toms River, NJ, planted in 2017. She is a full time working mom and wife who survives on Jesus, Chai Tea, and a really great boy band playlist.

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