Is it “Really Concerning?”

Posted on May 22, 2017 by Graeme Wilson in Victory Call

About a year ago, I had to get a new phone number because I had a creepy man calling me from a blocked number every morning at around 6AM… but that’s a story for a different time. After changing my number, I started to get wrong number texts and calls ALL OF THE TIME… like, at least two a week.
It went on like this up until about three weeks ago, when I got a text from the girl who had the phone number. I’ll give you a quick snippet…
Girl: Oh my goodness, hello! I am so sorry… this is the girl who used to have your phone number… I am sorry that you have been getting so many wrong number texts from my friends and family! I don’t know why they won’t put my new number in their phones! You must be so annoyed.
Me: Haha, it’s okay. I’m used to it at this point… I just learned a ton about your life this year LOL!
Girl: LOL That is half hilarious and half really concerning.
Her last text, “that is really concerning”, really stuck with me. Now, I know that her concern was due to the fact that I was a complete stranger who knew many details about her life … but it still made me think. The only things I knew about this girl are what I learned based on some wrong number texts – I knew when her birthday was, that she’d just gotten engaged, and that she was a waitress of some kind. She was really concerned, and rightfully so.
God, on the other hand, knows ALL about our lives… He knows the secret thoughts of our hearts. He knows who our best friends are and who we are not too fond of. He knows our insecurities. He knows what we will think, do, say, and feel in the future.
He knows everything – the good and the bad… and the really, downright ugly… but I’m so thankful that, as a believer, I don’t have to respond to that fact with concern. I know that when God sees me, He sees me as a new creation. He knows all the ugliness that is in my heart, but is still continuously transforming me into the image of His Son. If He were to literally text me and say “I know all about your life.” I wouldn’t have to respond with a “that’s really concerning.” Nope. It’s more of a relief… because I know I don’t have to hide. All I have to do is kneel down in prayer, tell Him my sins, repent, open His word, and humbly ask Him to help me be better.
How are you doing in your walk with Christ? Have you started it? Is the fact that He knows your past, present, and future “really concerning” or is it more of a relief, knowing you don’t have to hide anything at all? He is so good.
Erin Culleny serves as a Marketing Assistant and Staff Writer. She loves encouraging women through her Victory Calls and finds such joy in praying for her sisters in Christ. Her favorite activities include reading her Bible, encouraging others with scripture, buying makeup, buying new dresses, and eating at the Cheesecake Factory… In that order!

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