Despising God’s Good

Posted on October 30, 2017 by Graeme Wilson in Victory Call

Then they despised the pleasant land, having no faith in his promise. Psalm 106:24
There they were, on the cusp of the Promised Land. God was ready to fulfill His promise to Abraham and his descendants to go in and take possession of the land.  But you probably know the story of the twelve spies sent to scout out the land, ten returning filled with a fearful report, two filled with faith ready to take God at His word (See Numbers 13 – 14).
Instead of receiving God’s good gift for them, they despised the pleasant land, and failed to believe His promise.  The result was 38 more years of wandering and the death of an entire generation (save the 2 faithful spies) before Israel entered the Promised Land with Joshua.
We can see their foolishness clearly, but remember – we know details now that they did not have then. It required faith to believe God would keep His promise.
Before we judge Israel too quickly… let’s take a good look at ourselves.
Are there any areas of our lives where we are despising God’s good?   We are inclined to do this when our situation or circumstances are contrary to what we hoped for.  Can we see God’s good hand behind the challenge of our circumstances?  Just because there are challenges in our situation does not mean it is not God’s good for us.
Perhaps another way to think about this is to ask if we are resisting life’s trials that God has allowed in our life to grow our faith and to draw us closer to Him?
Are you experiencing financial strain that God may be using to teach you His provision?
Are you in a difficult job that God may be using to teach you submission?
Are you in a marriage that is less than what you desire that God may be using to teach you a deeper kind of love?
Are you experiencing infertility that God may be allowing to teach you the depth of your Father’s love?
I am NOT saying if you are in any of these situations that God is up to what I have suggested here, but He could be. My point is, difficult circumstances may be God working His good in and for you.
Do not despise God’s good gifts when they are wrapped in the fabric of trial or suffering.  Keep your eyes on His promises to guide you through your difficult journey.  You can ALWAYS trust God and His promises; He will ALWAYS keep His word.
Diane Hunt serves part-time on the staff of America’s Keswick providing ministry support from her home in North Carolina. She is also a biblical counselor and women’s event speaker. For more information about having Diane speak at your next event please contact her at

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