The Story of the Bell

We have dreamed of getting a bell for America’s Keswick for some time. Inspired by a movie about a teen boy’s ranch where every time a young man trusted Christ as his Savior, he’d run outside and ring the bell, everyone would drop what they were doing to go out and “high five” the young man and then circle around and pray for him. Our dream was to start a new tradition similar to the boy’s ranch. Every time someone in our addiction recovery ministries or a conference and retreat guest makes a decision to trust Christ or reaffirm their commitment – well, they’d get to go ring the bell.

One day while out in Lancaster, PA, one was spotted that seemed perfect! But the cost was far more than anticipated.

During the summer, at an evening conference session, I shared with our guests about the bell and asked if anyone might have one stashed in their garage. After the service a dear man came up and said, “How much was the bell you saw in Lancaster?” I told him the price and he said, “Go get it!”

That night we showed the movie about the bell for our guests and at breakfast the next morning my friend met me with a big smile. He told me that he couldn’t sleep after watching the movie and that he was planning to drive to Lancaster that day to purchase the bell. And that he did!

Just a few days later it was up and ready to ring! Frank was the first one to ring the bell followed by six children who were saved during the week.

We look forward to hearing the bell ring over and over in the decades to come. Be sure to share your “Ring the Bell” story with us! We love hearing the stories of how God is working in the lives of our guests.