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February 22, 2021

Introducing America’s Keswick Homeschool Resource!

The first and third Wednesdays of each month, March – May.

America’s Keswick wants to partner with homeschooling families and offer extracurricular classes! There are several classes being offered for ages 5-18.

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You can register for classes here.


We are offering 2 different pricing packages.

Option 1:  $50 Family Ko-Op/Facility Registration and $12 Per Class Registration

Option 2:  $50 Family Ko-Op/Facility Registration and $150 Unlimited Family Class Registration

Class List:

Photography Class with Jason Schack

Photography ages 8-11, Photography ages 12+ 

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” 

Make the most of every moment by learning how to capture them in a photograph. Maximize the full potential of your camera with skills like…framing and composing a shot, judging light with an “artist’s” eye, the craft of long exposures, processing digital photos, posting your work to social media and the creative side of printing. 


Audio/Visual Media class with Tyler Forney

Audio/Visual Media ages 8-11, Audio/Visual Media ages 12+ 

“As a child, I would say that I wanted to become a dancer to honor music. For me, dancing is the physical translation of the audio recording.” 

This course focuses on media and technological fluency. Students will learn about applications such as G-Suite, Apple iMovie, and audio production. Each session will include a mini-lesson and demonstration, followed by hands on implementation. This course will encourage critical thinking, collaboration, and connection to the real world. A laptop will be a class requirement. 


Public Speaking/Drama class with Ruth Schmidt

Public Speaking/Drama ages 12+

“Make sure that you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening!” 

Speaking in public is not easy but it can be extremely rewarding. In this class, students will learn and practice the art of municipal monologues, corporate elocution and accompanied announcements. Applications include reading scripture aloud, theatrical exercises, parable recitations and various monologues and skits. 


Gym class with James Serpico

Gym class ages 5-7, Gym class ages 8-11, Gym class ages 12+ 

“If you had FUN, then you won!” Physical fitness is extremely important to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. In this day and age, with most things available at the press of a button, the significance of studying and implementing fitness in our lives looks to be trending in the wrong direction. This class will provide students with the opportunity to both learn about and practice physical fitness through a variety of fun and exciting games, challenges, and activities. 


Music class with Robert & Joyce Hayes 

Music class ages 5-11, Music class ages 12+ 

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” 


Experience singing as a group.  Have fun learning about the elements of music including: dynamics. Pitch, tone, and tempo.  Each student will create olympic rings, each representing a different element in music.  We will spend 15 minutes on the lesson, and 30 minutes on music, games and singing.  We will learn a song with the intention of performing at the Keswick Hymnsing the first Thursday in June. 


Experience singing as a group. Learn how to sing better, with confidence and proper technique.  Learn how to follow and read written music scores. We will spend 15 minutes on music theory and 30 minutes singing.  We will learn to sing at least one contemporary choral piece with the goal of performing it at a Keswick Hymnsing the first Thursday in June at 10am. 


Art class – (Sketching & Hands-On Art)

Art class ages 5-7 (Sketching), Art class ages 5-7 (Hands-On Art), Art class ages 8-11 (Hands-On Art), Art class ages 12+ (Sketching) 

“Art is a line around your thoughts.” 


In this class your child will learn basic instruction and techniques in sketching.  Using nature walks to sketch the beauty of God’s creation. 

Hands-On Art 

In this class, history collides with a personal appreciation and expression of art.  Over the course of the class, students will be introduced to 6 famous artists.  Each week will feature a short presentation on the artist’s life and work.  Students will then have an opportunity to create their own art project based on the artist’s style or work


Nature Science class with Kori Warren

Nature Science ages 5-7, Nature Science ages 8-11, Nature Science ages 12+ 

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

This course will give students the opportunity to learn topics of natural science while exploring the unique features of the Pine Barrens! In this exciting course, we will be in and out of the classroom, exploring the property, and conducting hands-on science experiments that demonstrate real-life concepts of our natural world. 


Comparative Religion class with Pastor David Brown

Comparative Religious class ages 12+ (adults are welcome to register)

Comparing different major religions and building a foundation of the truth for Christ.   

Extras (Available to all parents and children) 

Home Room 

A place to set your stuff down and relax.  Bring a book, bring the math your child still needs to work on, or just let the little ones play till the pool is open!   

The Pool 

Open from 1-4.  

Due to Covid restrictions, pool access will be limited by capacity restrictions.  

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult in the pool area at all times.  No 2 piece bathing suits allowed. 

Parents Bible Study and Homeschool Resource 

With over 33 years of homeschooling experience, Lynn Wilson wants to encourage you in your homeschool journey and walk with the Lord. Enjoy Lynn’s “Fresh Brewed Devo’s” along with complimentary coffee and snacks. 

Playground and nature trails 

When the weather is nice take advantage of the children’s playground and nature trails that wrap around the beautiful Keswick lake. 

SPF 30 

Start your day stretching, exercising and worshipping God. 30 minutes of Spiritual/Physical Fitness led by our Gym teacher, James Serpico. 


Property Rules and Regulation

  • Children 5-7 must be signed in and out of class by an adult
  • Children under 12 are required to have a parent present in the pool area at all times
  • No 2 piece bathing suits
  • Parents are not permitted to leave the property while their child is in attendance
  • Parents are responsible to be aware of, and know where their child is at all times
  • At least 1 class registration is required for family attendance
  • All attendees are required to be registered, including those not taking classes.

Covid Regulations

  • Temperature checks are required upon entering the building.
  • Masks are required inside all Keswick facilities.
    • During strenuous physical activity and exercise, masks may be removed while maintaining social distancing protocol.  During Gym class masks may be removed during heavy physical activity, however they are required while on the sidelines.
    • America’s Keswick facilities and conference center is thankful for the opportunity to reach out to the local homeschool community.  The heartbeat of America’s Keswick is to support and continue the addiction recovery ministry at The Colony of Mercy and Barbara’s Place.  With the onset of this pandemic, drug use, alcoholism, and drug overdose has been destroying lives and families at an increasing rate.  The Colony of Mercy and Barbara’s Place has been a light in this darkness for over 123 years.  Maintaining certain regulations allows this to continue.
  • Pool access may be limited by capacity regulations


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