Foundations Christian Counseling

May 16, 2024

Exciting News!

America’s Keswick Partners with Foundations Christian Counseling

America’s Keswick is pleased to announce a partnership with Foundations Christian Counseling! This April, we opened an office in our Welte Activity Center. Foundations is committed to providing professional, biblically-based counseling to all those in need.


What to Expect from Christ-Centered Counseling

  • Practical and biblical guidance on how to live by faith.
  • Tools to renew your mind.
  • Strategies for managing emotions.
  • Help in resolving past trauma.
  • Support in pursuing peace in your relationships.

Foundations Christian Counseling is open and available to our guests, staff, and the wider community.


Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with Foundations’ counselor, Noemi Perez, MA, by visiting their website at location and clicking the “Schedule a Session” button.

  • $145 Individual Intake Session | $105 Standard Session
  • $200 Premarital Intake Session | $110 Premarital Session
  • $205 Marriage/Family Intake Session | $120 Marriage/Family Session


Please Note

All payments and appointments are handled directly by Foundations Christian Counseling.

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