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Check Out the New Activities at America's Keswick

Posted by Erin Culleny on Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 2:18 PM

New Activities at America's Keswick

America's Keswick has several new activities for you, your family, and colleagues to enjoy. Whether you embark on a family retreat, a youth group retreat or a church retreat, you will have an absolute blast while you're here. We have so many activities geared toward all ages - there is more than enough for children, teens, and adults of every age to enjoy at America's Keswick!

Archery Tag

Archery Tag Activity at America's KeswickEveryone who has played archery tag raves about its fun factor... and now you can play it right here at America's Keswick. This is the perfect activity for your family, youth group, colleagues or men's/women's group. Two teams comprised of six members compete in archery tag... but don't worry about safety! Our arrows have uber-soft marshmallow tips to ensure you don't get hurt. We went the extra mile by implementing large inflatable forts for you and your team to hide behind. 

Give archery tag a try and you will find it involves plenty of strategy and exercise. This is the type of group activity that people of all backgrounds, interests, and ages will love. It brings out the inner-child in every adult while providing the youngsters with a fun-filled outlet to expend their energy.

Magic Castle Bounce House

An afternoon on our Magic Castle bounce house is exactly what every child desires. This massive Bounce House Activity at America's Keswickstructure fits upwards of 10 kids. It provides a gigantic bouncing area for your little ones to bounce around to their hearts' content. The bounce house even features a climbing wall and double racing slides to boot. Kids of all ages will have a blast jumping, climbing, and sliding on the Magic Castle. It has a medieval theme, ample space, and is completely safe in every manner.

Don't pay the high cost of renting a bounce house for your front or back yard. Bring the kids on out to America's Keswick and they will be able to enjoy the Magic Castle bounce house along with an array of other fun activities that reinforce family bonds.

Additional Activities and Amenities at America's Keswick

We have the Magic Castle bounce house and the archery tag equipment... but that's not all. We've got you covered. Head on out to our multipurpose Activity Center to enjoy racquetball and wallyball courts, indoor basketball, ping-pong, volleyball, an indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and fitness room. 

Part of the appeal of our retreat is the opportunity to connect with nature. We provide all sorts of fun outdoor recreation activities ranging from nature trail hikes to fishing on our stunning lakes, swimming and beach access at the Upper Lake, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating, tennis, sand volleyball, bocce, and horseshoes. If you need an extra jolt of energy to keep up with your kids and enjoy a day jam-packed with activities, head on over to our Raws Memorial Vending Room for free coffee available 24 hours a day. Get a cup to go and you can take a stroll around the lake or enjoy our beautiful nature trails. 

Cap the Night off Right

Down a couple cups of joe and you'll stay awake long enough to enjoy a campfire at the pit near the beachfront. We hold campfires between May 1 and October 31 as long as the weather cooperates. Don't worry about setting up the fire on your own. Our staff handles the campfire setup process. We'll get it started so you and your group can focus on having fun and sharing time with one another.

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