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Retreat Planning Ideas, Tips & Advice for Group Leaders 

Tips and Advice for Planning your Next Men’s Retreat

Posted by Retreat Planning on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 @ 9:20 AM

Mens Retreat Planning Advice

If you are thinking about a men's retreat, there is plenty to consider from the venue to the shared activities, a possible theme and beyond. Don't let this information overwhelm you. View each retreat-related decision as an opportunity to bring your group closer together.

Consider the Purpose of the Retreat

Take a moment to think about the retreat's objective. Perhaps your goal is to bring your group closer together. Maybe you would like particular members to form bonds with one another. Some use a men's retreat to relieve stress. If you have a particular purpose in mind, select your theme and make it known to the group.

You should be able to summarize the retreat purpose in the form of a theme in a single sentence or even a couple words. An example is: Building Bonds Through Na
ture and Shared Activities. A clearly defined theme will inspire excitement and great anticipation amongst your group for the upcoming retreat. It will also give them a clear idea as to what will happen and how they should prepare when planning a men's retreat.

Always Have a Backup Plan in Case Bad Weather Strike

It is best to schedule a retreat at a facility that provides an array of indoor and outdoor activities. This
way, if the weather does not cooperate, your group will have plenty of options for activities and events. America's Keswick has plenty of activities for your men's retreat. If it rains or if the
temperature dips, your grop can enjoy the indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, racquetball courts, wallyball courts or visit a nearby attraction.

Plan the Retreat Well in Advance

Do not wait until the last minute to book your men's retreat. Give your group ample time to coordinate their schedules and mentally prepare for this unique experience. Make sure you do not overlap the group retreat schedule with major events like church festivities, the Super Bowl, prom etc. Opt for a period of time in which the majority of your members are completely free of major obligations. Consider planning your retreat upwards of a full year ahead. This way, you'll secure reservations for the accommodations and facility at the top of your list.

Accommodations Matter

Your group deserves elite accommodations for their retreat. This is a time to relax, enjoy one another's company and take it easy. Your group will certainly spend plenty of time enjoying activities yet will also spend some time hanging out, kicking back, sleeping and unwinding. America's Keswick has lovely accommodations that your men's group will find quite comfortable. Our rooms include free WiFi, private baths, air conditioning, mini kitchens, king size beds, fresh linens and towels and an amazing view of the stunning lower lake.

Create a Checklist When Planning a Men's Retreat

Take the time to build a checklist so you don't forget anything important. Let group members provide input in the creation of the checklist so each member plays a part in shaping the retreat. The checklist should include everything from activities to meals, contingency plans, registration, finances, scheduling, retreat goals, leaders and transportation. 

Consider Checking out the Facility In-person

Planning a men's retreat is much easier when you check out the facility at the top of your list in-person. Take a tour of the facility. Check out the accommodations. Ask questions to ensure all of your concerns are addressed before you commit to the facility for your men's retreat. Be sure to bring along a camera to snap photos or record footage of the facility. These photos and/or videos will excite your group about their upcoming retreat.  

Thanks for reading our article, we hope you found it helpful as you plan your retreat. Are you considering a men's retreat in the New Jersey area? America's Keswick has been hosting overnight group retreats for over 80 years. Check out our men's retreat page to learn more about options for your group. 

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