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How to Get Your Church Excited About Your Planned Retreat

Posted by Retreat Planning on Thursday, September 1, 2016 @ 8:07 AM

How to get your church excited about your planned retreat

If you manage or lead a church in any capacity, scheduling a planned retreat is one of the best things you can do for your congregation. Planned retreats provide participants with all sorts of benefits aside from a healthy chunk of time away from the stress and monotony of daily life.

An organized and well-executed retreat, has the potential to:

  • rejuvenate spirits 
  • build important social bonds
  • provide fresh perspectives on faith 

But...for people in the congregation to get the benefits, they have to actually GO! They have to seize the opportunity.  Here are some tips to help you get your congregation excited about your church's next overnight group retreat.

Participants - Recharge Their Batteries

Those who give church retreats a try, say that they feel an invaluable sense of refreshment and renewal.

There really is something to be said about taking a break from the hectic nature of daily life and enjoying a meaningful outdoor experience with those who share your faith. The retreat will give everyone a chance to reflect on their faith and how to live it out in their daily lives. It can be exactly what a congregation needs to maintain the energy required to manage family, faith and the daily grind! 

Build A Genuine Community With Others

When members of the church get together outside of it's "four walls", they tend to strengthen their interpersonal bonds.

Sure, time spent in traditional worship means a lot. There is just something about altering the environment to a planned retreat allows your congregation to enjoy one another's company in a completely new manner.

An organized retreat allows them to enjoy interactions in a less formal environment than a Sunday morning service. Sunday services are fun, of course, it's just that getting away, allows people to see each other in a new light and enjoy their company in a new way.

In the end, a planned retreat is the type of experience that will reinforce and grow already existing bonds. It will also provide the congregation with the opportunity to establish relationships with people they don't know or have recently met. 

The reasons to go are great, we we just need the congregation to understand the benefits and value.

It Will Be A Time To Really Connect With The Lord

Contemporary life can leave little time and energy to grow in your relationship with the Lord. A good retreat really does have the potential to deepen that relationship. Yes, retreats are known to include all sorts of fun, interesting and socially-oriented activities to enjoy... but don't underestimate the impact of planned down time that participants will use to evaluate priorities and reconnect with what's really important in life.

Schedule a retreat today and you will likely notice that your congregation becomes much more passionate about their walk with Jesus Christ. Just invest adequate time building anticipation and educating the congregation and communicating why they need to unplug for just a short time.

It's Time to Have Some Fun

Hey, let's admit that retreats are really fun. We have mentioned a lot of the emotional and spiritual benefits or planning a well organized retreat for your congregation but we all know it's going to be fun right? Think... tons of fun. Our retreats include a diverse, array of exciting on-site activities like swimming, outdoor sports, gorgeous hiking trails, saunas, relaxing hot tubs and playgrounds for the kiddos. The food is fresh, plentiful and delicious.

Trust America's Keswick with your next retreat and your service will be fully personalized from the layout of meeting rooms to meal details, activities and beyond. We sweat all the small stuff so you and your group can focus on deepening rapport and enjoying nature's beauty in the presence of their fellow worshipers!

America's Keswick is a non-profit, Christian Ministry that provides conferences, summer camps and overnight group retreats in New Jersey for over 80 years. They are blessed to be able to provide comfortable lodging, exclusive meeting spaces, and delicious menus with attentive service for all guests. 

It is the goal to help relieve some of the stress of event and retreat preparation, by offering a fantastic retreat marketing kit that can help you with planning and marketing your next event. 

The Keswick friendly staff members are always happy to answer any of your questions and provide additional information. Feel free to contact them online, or call 1-800-453-7942 ext 1015 to speak with a retreat specialist.

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